2016.04.03 Yonghwa at KBS Annex [Recording KBS Hello]

Only Yonghwa attended this show. It took many hours recording.


YH-3Apr-IMG_3205 YH-3Apr-IMG_3206 YH-3Apr-IMG_3208 YH-3Apr-IMG_3211 YH-3Apr-IMG_3225 YH-3Apr-IMG_3231

Cfc0QcpUkAABIcM Cfm4z6cUAAAxUWe


Broadcast on 11 April 2016 at KBS Channel

안녕하세요 – 게스트 : 한고은, 김성경, 정용화, 황광희. 20160411

안녕하세요 – CNBLUE 신곡 발표! ‘이렇게 예뻤나’ 노래 맛보기. 20160411


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