2016.04.08-09 CNBLUE at Blueming ‘Ver.A’ Fansign

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It’s worst comeback for me, I missed both of Blueming ‘Ver.A’ Fansign T___T
The best I can do is waiting them at exit. How pity I am.

This is the first time that they allow to take photo during fan sign, not only photo time.
So sad………….

35873 35874

2016.04.08 CNBLUE – Blueming ‘Ver.A’ Fansign at Yaksu-Dong


CNB-8Apr-FS-IMG_3547 CNB-8Apr-FS-IMG_3551 CNB-8Apr-FS-IMG_3523 CNB-8Apr-FS-IMG_3528 CNB-8Apr-FS-IMG_3536 CNB-8Apr-FS-IMG_3538

Fansign photo Cr. Tanny

CfhA6oSUYAAD4UE CfhCtIOVAAA1_no  CfhEBs4UYAEwFap CfhAgvMUEAASkMY Cfhn54fUAAAf7y8Cfhn54mUsAERjsw


2016.04.09 CNBLUE – Blueming ‘Ver.A’ Fansign at Ilsan

Too dark to take photo

H left the Fan sign place at Ilsan

Fansign photo Cr. Tikky

YH in fansign illsan 100409 >

mh and js in ilsan fansign >

end of fansign illsan 160409 >


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