2016.05.7 SongJoongKi 2016 Fan Meeting in Bangkok

Event: 2016 Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Bangkok: SongJoongKi
Venue: Thunderdome Muangthong Thani

JoongKi arrived Bangkok again after 2 years with RunningMan Team. Now, he’s much more famous with series “Descendants of the Sun (태양의 후예)”. Captain YooShiJin was very popular in Thailand too. So he must use VIP gate. Fan waited him front of VIP hall 2 night before. |O|

He’s very cute, smiled & waved hand along the way. ^^
@iammanus กัปตันมาแล้ว! @ ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ | Suvarnabhumi Airport BKK https://www.instagram.com/p/BE_TxrwHPko/


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@iammanus คะแนนเซอร์วิสเต็มร้อยนางได้ล้านอ่ะ รูไหนหลืบไหนมีแฟนอยู่นางโบกหมด มีไหว้ล่วย น่ารักขนาด… https://www.instagram.com/p/BE_UYinnPmN/


Fan meeting was held at Thunderdome, all seat sold out in 10 min.!!! He’s really popular! WOW!

WIMG_9201 WIMG_20160507_155741

He came with White theme in 1st part. There’re few boring game on stage. by the way, he’s cute and gave many good answer. Most important, they had a good MC & translator. He mentioned “KwangSu” name many times, It’s very funny.

WIMG_20160507_180400 WIMG_20160507_180404

 WIMG_20160507_183259 WIMG_20160507_183643 

WIMG_20160507_180825 WIMG_20160507_190829 

2016.05.07 JoongKi with exciting fan : https://youtu.be/OfhDIUewEEY

He changed to be Black theme in 2nd part. Singing while walking from backside

@iammanus หล่อเลอค่า น่ารักมากจริงๆ ยิ้มตลอด 2 ชม. #SongJoongKi https://www.instagram.com/p/BFIW82eHPpe/


He played game with fans and sang 2 songs. Everybody enjoyed this fan meeting with him. He said he want to come back again. He promised. ^^


WIMG_20160507_194815 WIMG_20160507_194818 WIMG_20160507_200040

WIMG_20160507_200045 WIMG_20160507_200336 WIMG_20160507_200355

WUntitled-1 WIMG_20160507_201257

WIMG_20160507_201913 WIMG_20160507_202450

2016.05.07 JoongKi FM in Bangkok – Ending : https://youtu.be/xSUVml8lpP0


Cr. 411
Cr. 411

After fan meeting, there’s special event Hi-touch for some zone.


In the morning, there’s photo group for highest price zone and some lucky fan too. It’s so funny when JoongKi stand front of fan like this. Poor photo group.

13177292_1018004074935913_1452220112754691657_n 13178748_1018002791602708_1659459886040780498_n


Some Nice Pix from official web 411.com

13227124_1019997198069934_6300964841425625099_n 13266038_1019997594736561_2091862893556980970_n 13221645_1019996808069973_3630015517800360825_n 13239449_1019998144736506_4226055901405565047_n 411_SJK_IMG_0269-003 13233104_1017673494968971_7855231511081349928_n

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