2016.05.11 GOT7 1st CONCERT “FLY IN BANGKOK” [Press Conference]

Event: GOT7 1st CONCERT “FLY IN BANGKOK [Press Conference]
Venue: Quartier Park, The EmQuartier, Bangkok

GOT7 came for many special events in Thailand.

1st event “GOT7 District Fly For The World”, boys & fans created ‘Guinness World Records’ with the most people making the paper aircrafts. The paper aircrafts made from recycled paper and after achievement of the records they will be turned into the recycled books for donation.

2nd event “Short movie Released”, GOT7 joined Thai teenager stars in short movie at IMAX theatre.

Last, they walked along 600 m. red carpet to have press conference for “GOT7 1st CONCERT “FLY IN BANGKOK”

600 m. red carpet


WIMG_4273 WIMG_4275

WIMG_4309 WIMG_4313

WIMG_4276 WIMG_4325

WIMG_4371 WIMG_4395

 WIMG_4425 WIMG_4422

WIMG_4330 WIMG_4334

WIMG_4340 WIMG_4356

WIMG_4369 WIMG_4376 WIMG_4443 WIMG_4445

WIMG_4438 WWIMG_4438

Birthday cake for late birthday to BamBam






GOT7 1st CONCERT “FLY IN BANGKOK” will be held on 11-12 June 2016 at Impact Arena MuangthongThani, Bangkok. See you there 🙂


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