2016.06.12 Got7 1st Concert ‘FLY in Bangkok’

Event: Got7 1st Concert ‘FLY in Bangkok’
Venue: Impact areana, MuangthongThani


Sold out ticket

We have 3 Projects;

Project 1 : Power of Ahgasae (ทะเลสีเขียว)
Project 2 : You and Me (ไฟเขียว-ขาว)
Project 3 : 언제나 사랑해 [รักเสมอ]

Project 3: 언제나 사랑해  – Very nice Project


2016.06.12 Got7 FLYinBKK-1
Damn cute ^^ ha…ha..

2016.06.12 Got7 sing THAI song (RakTher) FLYinBKK

2016.06.12 Got7 speak THAI (No_YJ_BAM) FLYinBKK

2016.06.12 Got7 FLYinBKK-2

2016 06 12 Got7 FLYinBKK-3

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