2016.07.22 Est, Zaa Zeed Sud Kua with Got7

Event: Est, Zaa Zeed Sud Kua with Got7
Venue: Central Court Zone, 1st Fl. Central World

Got7 was announced to be brand ambassadors for “Est, soft drink from Thailand” under the concept “Zaa Zeed Sud Kua”, which means the coolest carbonated soft drink (CSD), to inspire teenagers to enjoy life to the fullest and express their real selves.

Thai Drinks Co, maker of est, has appointed South Korean pop group Got7 as brand ambassadors for the campaign. New limited-edition packaging features Got7 designs, while “est Korean Orange Cola”, which blends the cool fizz of est cola with a refreshing hint of orange flavour in a Korean style, is being launched.

Source: www.nationmultimedia.com/


WIMG_5212 WIMG_5209

Jackson can not join this event due to his duty in China.

WIMG_5182 WIMG_5229 WIMG_5261

WIMG_5223 WIMG_5171 WIMG_5251

WIMG_5161 WIMG_5164   WIMG_5255

WIMG_5204 WIMG_5204-1

WIMG_5226 WIMG_5239

This event hall is too small for this event. Too congested to enjoy.

Official pix from est. FB

13709787_1326527320710613_5289987039789393530_n 13700167_1326527174043961_3265539000138323517_n 13680262_1326526617377350_28842202474849198_o 13708235_1326526834043995_6349208477616026037_o 13717362_1326526577377354_6973047940887624264_o 13724072_1326526860710659_3206310470631051241_o 13724903_1326526644044014_495100562866738392_o 13737660_1326526754044003_1928993708318170118_o 13781709_1326527394043939_885138230640507767_n 13716094_1325842417445770_8041659016827206894_n


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