2017.08.01 CNBLUE Live [Between Us] in Singapore

Posted: July 8, 2017 in CNBLUE, JungYongHwa
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Event: 2017 CNBLUE Live [Between Us] in Singapore
Venue: Zepp @ Bigbox, Singapore

CNBLUE started their Asia tour – 2017 CNBLUE Live [Between Us] – in Singapore after opening 2017 Live in Seoul last month.





WIMG_1584 WIMG_1631

Many cute moments of Yonghwa

Yonghwa dropped his mic so it had malfunctioned. YH ran to main stage, using JH mic. It’s exploded in JH ears. Poor them! Ha…..

MH said “We want to see your eyes” ♡♥♡

Manito is nice & impressive song.

Yonghwa want everybody stay “Young Forever”. I hope so 🙂

Song list:

1. Radio
2. When I was young
3. Domino
4. I’m sorry
5. Can’t stop
6. It’s you
8. Sweet holiday
9. Love
10. Lie
11. Blind Love
12. Royal Rumble
13. In My Head
14. You’re so fine
15. Face to Face
16. Wake up
17. Feeling
18. Coffee Shop
19. Cinderella
20. Between us


21. Catch me
22. Manito
23. Young Forever



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