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Series / Movies


[Mar. 2018]
That Man Oh Soo (‪‎그남자 오수‬) 16 Episodes

Broadcast: OCN
– JongHyun as Oh Soo




[Jan. 2018]
Marital Harmony / The Princess and the Matchmaker (궁합) Goonghab 

Broadcast: Korean Movie Theatre
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
– MinHyuk as Kang Whi





[Feb. 2018]
Living City (‪‎生きる街‬) Ikiru Machi 

Broadcast: Japanese Movie Theatre
– JongHyun as Do Hyun



[Jan. 2018]
My First Love / Longing Heart (애간장) 8 Episodes

Broadcast: OCN
– JungShin as Kang Shin-Woo



[Oct. 2017]
The Package (더 패키지) 12 Episodes

Broadcast: JTBC
– YongHwa as San Ma-roo (산마루)




[Sep. 2017]
Girls’ Generation 1979 / Lingerie Girls’ Generation(란제리 소녀시대) 8 Episodes

Broadcast: KBS2
– JongHyun as Joo Young-choon


[Aug. 2017]
Hospital Ship(병원선) 40 Episodes

Broadcast: MBC
– MinHyuk as Kwak Hyun




[May 2017]
My Sassy Girl (엽기적인 그녀) 32 Episodes

Broadcast: SBS
– Jungshin as Kang Joon-young




Cook Up a Storm (决战食神 )

Broadcast : Hongkong-Chinese Movie Theatre
– YongHwa as Paul Ahn




Cinderalla and 4 Knights (신데렐라와 네 명의 기사) 16 Episodes

Broadcast: tvN
– Jungshin as Kang Seo-woo



[April 2016]
The Entertainer (딴따라) 16 Episodes

Broadcast: SBS
– MinHyuk as Ha-Neul



[May 2015]
Orange Marmalade (오렌지 마말레이드) 12 Episodes

Broadcast: KBS
– JongHyun as Han Si-hoo


restmb_jhidxmake OrangeMamalade-CEX2kbbUkAAozTX

CGI4Co5WwAAKNyG tumblr_nqp5uqLWz41roum86o1_500

A Girl Who Sees Smells (냄새를 보는 소녀) 16 Episodes

Broadcast: SBS
– Jungshin as Idol Star “LeeJungShin” (Cameo EP.6)




Thank You My Son (고맙다 아들아) Special Drama 2 Episodes

Broadcast: KBS
– Jungshin as Jang Shi-Woo


KBS2TV’s reality show program, ‘Brave Family (용감한 가족)’ 10-15 Episodes

Broadcast: KBS2TV
– MinHyuk



One Sunny Day (좋은 날) 10 Episodes

Broadcast: LINE TV (Thailand)
– JongHyun as Couple Guy‬ (cameo EP.4&8)

sinopsis-web-drama-korea-one-sunny-day  B6aHLd4CAAAsqay 


The Three Musketeers (삼총사) 12 Episodes

Broadcast: tvN
– Yonghwa as ParkDalHyang‬

BuFYwjbCIAIQyWu Bs80WdnCMAMqvLh BuFRnH8CAAAshnv 

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Btb9ehmCcAIS9sq IMG_2391638965393

Temptation (유혹) 20 Episodes

Broadcast: SBS
– JungShin as KangMinWoo

aqmyk6 10574314_272703702921203_8501828807392440451_n

tvN reality show ‘Cheongdamdong 111 (청담동 111)’ 8 Episodes

Broadcast: tvN



Marry Him If You Dare / Mirae’s Choice / Future’s choice  (미래의선택) 16 Episodes

Broadcast: KBS2
– YongHwa as ParkSeJu


The Heirs / The Inheritors (상속자들) 20 Episodes

Broadcast: SBS
– MinHyuk as Yoon Chan Young

465px-The_Heirs_-_Korean_Drama-p1 BV8idd2CMAAUfMA

1011523_450182591764258_665293434_n BU-Q0wpCUAACQRz 

Adolescence Medley (사춘기 메들리) ** Mini Series ** 4 Episodes

Broadcast: KBS
– JongHyun as Yang Yeong-woong (cameo EP.2&3)


maxresdefault safe_image


Blade ‘n’ Patal / Sword and Flower  (칼과 꽃) 20 Episodes

Broadcast: KBS
– JungShin as Shi-woo

73725943 shiwoo-1 1004617_620495367983989_916165022_n


My Daughter Seo-young (내딸소영이)  50 Episodes

Broadcast: KBS
– JungShin as Kang Sung Jae

401px-My_Daughter_Seo_Young 6d8ba6bcgw1dxx4nkjz4nj z5vxj 9a47892agw1dy3wfygni9j 681f0d4fgw1dwzcbgx69aj 712199268

[May 2012]
A Gentleman’s Dignity (신사의 품격) 20 Episodes

Broadcast: SBS
– JongHyun as Colin Black,
– YongHwa as YongHwa(cameo EP.13)

73e85bbbjw1dszz9gpf2lj 579873807 7u8ef a-gentleman-dignity2  9b8fb7f5gw1dvih59bqwmj 65ac310dgw1duzty1jiadj Cameo-679bf559gw1duuh2x44rdj

Cameo-7fde4559gw1duko4n0dsdj Cameo-610776844 Cameo-Ayy5joBCIAQVU8q

My Husband Got a Family (넝쿨째 굴러온 당신) 58 Episodes

Broadcast: KBS
– MinHyuk as Cha Se Kwang
– JungShin as JungShin (cameo EP.42)

681f0d4fgw1dq8ych2s5kj C11708216-41  a_201205071816350519706148


Heartstrings / You’ve Fallen For Me (넌 내게 반했어) 15 Episodes

Broadcast: MBC
– YongHwa as LeeShin
– MinHyuk as Yeo Joon Hee

1_poster03 fallinlove_photo110704135435imbcdrama0 fallinlovephoto11070413 (4)


6ekml 2011052700505_1 361252161


It’s OK Daddy’s girl (괜찮아, 아빠 딸) 17 Episodes

Broadcast: SBS
– MinHyuk as Hwang Yeon Doo

1298315094 img04022010112220242021 16bd56d5e6613228dc1134a img04022010112915035612


Acoustic (어쿠스틱) : Bakery Attack ** Movies **

Broadcast: 2010 Busan Internaional Film Festival (BIFF 2010)
– MinHyuk as Kim Hae Won,
– JongHyun as Kim Seong-won

acoustic-poster-premier 77157p34120910-1 66ji



You’re Beautiful (미남이시네요) 16 Episodes

Broadcast: SBS
– YongHwa as KangShinWoo

ffea6150d12c893c88c9c694578ed05a 04 06A9803173-42 URB-1


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