2015.07.11 ~ 12 Big Bang 2015 World Tour ‘Made’ in BKK

Event: BIGBANG 2015 World Tour [MADE] in Bangkok
Venue: Impact Arena Muangthong Thani, BKK

They went to Thailand after 2 years!! Long time no see.

Their show was great as I expect!

Song list

  • Bang Bang Bang
  • Tonight
  • Stupid Liar
  • Haru Haru
  • Loser
  • Bad Boy
  • If You
  • Lies
  • Strong Baby (SeungRi)
  • Let’s Talk About Love (SeungRi Feat. G-Dragon & Taeyang)
  • Wings (Daesung)
  • Doom Dada (T.O.P)
  • Eyes Nose Lips (TaeyYang)
  • Good Boy
  • Crooked (G-Dragon)
  • Sober
  • Bae Bae
  • Fantastic Baby
  • We like 2 Party
  • Hands Up
  • Feeling


  • Bang Bang Bang
  • Bae Bae

BIGBANG-Bangkok WIMG_2723 WIMG_2728

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2012.10.05 – 06 BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Bangkok

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Bangkok

Venue: Impact Arena, MuangThong Thaini

After long times, Bigbang started their Asia tour again. They started ‘Alive Tour 2012’ at Seoul in March and continued to Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia etc. Thai VIP had lucky that Thailand also included in their 2012 Tour. There’re 2 rounds of concert. It’s sold out in few minutes after open pre-booking. It’s amazing. Seating plan made me slightly chock because all seat on first floor was top price (very high price). Second floor on slope also was top price!!. By the way, they’re SOLD OUT!!!

I had tickets for 2 days. First day was cheapest price while the second day was top price. First day, I sat on right side on far step. Think positive, I can see the whole stage and all lighting & effect clearly. The second day was very impressed because I saw them very close. I’m not VIP but I like Bigbang songs. Their performance is great and fun. There is not many dance step but full with movement. Each member has different character. Special project from VIP was great & beautiful (use lots of money also!!) First day project was ‘Still ♥ ‏Bigbang’ (Holding yellow paper during “Haru Haru”). Suengri was much impressed by this project. He grabbed this paper to see it and took photo of VIP holding this paper. Every members said Thank you to their fan (Unlucky, it’s Korean. we had known later by fan acc.)

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2012.03.28-29 Bigbang in Bangkok for ‘Yamaha’

2012.03.28 Bigbang ‘YAMAHA Presents คอนเสิร์ต เทพ’

Place & Time: CentralWorld Plaza, 25 March 2012

Bigbang came to Thailand agian after 2 years for being new presenter of Yamaha.
They had mini live show for VIP who’s waiting for longtime.

They came with new look from new album ‘Alive’. They performed 6 songs; Intro, Alive, Hands up, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby & ‘Lie’.
T.O.P is very handsome (much more than 2 years ago ~~). He’s very gorgeous by his mint colour hair.
GD is still great as always. Although his new red hair style looks wier. But he’s lovely.
I like Taeyang movement. It’s very powerful.
Daesung with his silver hair is so strange but it make him bright & shine.
Seungri is cute. He speaks english all the times and keep saying I love Thailand/Bangkok. 🙂

This event had 2 stage, one is Thai performance including popular band like Bang-Clash, Paradox, Golf (Golf-Mike), Shinwuth, Slotmachine, Potato & Bodyslam!!!!

Another stage is for Bigbang. It’s free concert but it’s so hard to get entrance wristband but we can get it finally!!


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