2016.03.25 Depapepe Asia Tour 2016 Live in Bangkok

Event: “DEPAPEPE ALL TIME BEST” Asia Tour 2016 Live in Bangkok
Venue: BCC Hall, Central Ladprao

Depapepe backed to Thailand again with 2016 Asia tour. They performed live all tracks from the “All Time Best Thailand album”, as well as other hits selected especially for this concert.

Special song: Royal Song Compositions by His Majesty the King “H.M. Blues”

Special guest: Popular Thai singer ‘Stamp Apiwat’. They jammed in Stamp popular song “Kon Tee Koon Kor Roo Wa Krai”, Ii Hi Datta Ne and Lucky Man. It was nice. 🙂

WIMG_20160325_215510 WIMG_20160325_212647

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2013.03.23 DEPAPEPE 10th Anniversary Live In Bangkok

DEPAPEPE 10th Anniversary Live In Bangkok
Venue: Bangkok Convention Center, Central Plaza Ladprao

Pure Entertainment presented the acoustic duo of Asia “DEPAPEPE”, the first time ever in Thailand with special guest “Singular” on Mar 23, 2013.

I’m a big fan of ‘Depapepe’ for many years. I once saw their live show in Winter Music Festival 3 years ago. It’s only 4-5 songs. I waited for their full scale live concert, finally they came to celebrate their 10th Anniversary here. It’s lucky Thailand is one of country in their 10th Anniversary tour.

Depa san tried to communicate with audience by English & Thai. It’s very funny. LOL! He’s so cute. Depa san and Pepe san can control 2000 audience for 2 Hrs. live. Their guitar skill is amazing.

Special guest was ‘Singular’ Thai Duo which had co-project with them 2 years ago (kitto mata itsuka thai version ‘Some Other Day’ feat.singular). They also performed that song in concert and Singular famous song ‘เบา เบา’ (Bao Ba0) too.

After nearly 2 Hrs. they ended the show but audience did not left the hall. Everybody shouted to call them for encore. They were on stage again and say thank you many many times. The audience clapped and cheered for minutes. It was one of the best concert ever.



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2010 Honda music festival #5

2010 Honda music festival – Depapepe 

Place: Life Park Khaoyai, greenery resort

เทศกาลดนตรีฤดูหนาว Honda Winter Fest’ # 5 พิเศษกว่าทุกครั้ง กับสถานที่ใหม่อย่าง Greenery Life Park Khao Yai และคอนเสิร์ ตสุดพิเศษจากศิลปินชื่อดังมากมาย นำโดย Better Weather , Singular , Scrubb , โต๋ ศักดิ์สิทธิ์ , โบ สุนิตา , บอย Peacemaker , Infinity , แนน วาทิยา , ลูกปัด ชลนรรจ์ , สิงโต นำโชค , 25 Hours , ETC , Modern Dog , Friday , โก้ Mr.Saxmzn ฯลฯ รวมถึง Depapepe จากประเทศญี่ปุ่น ในวันเสาร์ที่ 4 ธันวาคม 2553 ตั้งแต่เวลา 15.00 – 03.00 น

I love Depapepe music. They are special guest from Sony Music for this event. They play many song like Start, …..

Most impressive is Kitto Mata Itsuka w/ Thai lyric! Yes, Thai lyric by “Singular” Thai Duo (due to they’re at same agency, Sony Music) I love this song and I more love this song w/ thai lyric. So sweet.


Depapepe feat. Singular – Kitto Mata Itsuka (きっとまたいつか) (Fancam)

Uploader: ponnponnsang

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