2013.03.04 KyuHyun at Masita new product launch

Event: KyuHyun at Masita new product launch
Venue: Parc Paragon – Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand

KyuHyun of Super Junior has been presenter for Masita; Crispy Seaweed since Last year. He came to Thailand again for joining Masita new product launch event on 4th March. Some lucky ELFs got special gift from KyuHyun on stage also.

During interview, he spoke many Thai sentences. He’s very good!!! And he sang Thai song “Lao Soo Kan Fang” same song which Nichkhun used in concert. KyuHyun said he once listened Nichkhun sang this song in TV show and he heard meaning of the song is very good. So, he wanted to sing this song to Thai fan also. ^^

Note: New Camera test….. not quite good. Need more events to familiar with it!!!


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2012.10.04 ONE ASIA TOUR 2012 M Countdown Smile-Thailand

ONE ASIA TOUR 2012 M Countdown Smile-Thailand

Venue: Ratchamangkala Stadium

Korean music program M! Countdown put on a show in Thailand again. All-star line-up of 15 K-pop groups including rookie performers A-Jax, Tasty and B.A.P, popular girl groups T-ara, Sistar and Kara and leading superstars Infinite, Beast, F.T. Island and Super Junior. Main host by LeeHongKi, FTIsland who’s official MC in MCD broadcast in Korea.

M countdown in Thailand again, this time is not a good time because it’s during raining season here. The worst was Gaemi storm came to Thailand at that week. We wore raincoat during the concert, it’s terrible. All artists played & danced among the rain.

I went there because of FTIsland but I couldn’t much see them. Well, it’s because of rain. Actually, I couldn’t see them because they kept playing at minor stage while I sat at front row of main stage. It’s very disappoint! Anyway, HongKi is great as always.

This live show was very special for ELFs because this’s the last performance for LeeTuek (Outside Korea) before he go to serve military 2-3 years. ELFs planed to have special project for him but it’s much raining. By the way, ELFs still did something for him at Airport when he departed that night. LT tweet his impression with clip he took. ^^


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2012.03.16-17-18 Super Show 4 in Bangkok

Super junior in Bangkok for 3 days concert!!

I once joined SS3 last year. Show was great & fun. So, I want to join this SS4 again. Although they have 3 days, I’ll join only 1 day. My friend try to book online for us on last day but fail. SS4@Bangkok tickets was sold out so quickly in 20 minutes!!!!. After waiting for awhile we can get seats on 2nd day. Phew!!!.

[Note] They arrange only 2 days concert at first time (17&18 Mar). After got very good feedback (sold out in short time) They arranged 1 more day on 16 Mar.

Lucky me, my friend got sponsor tickets for 1st day. So we joined 1st day concert for warm up ^^ It’s quite far but show was fun. Lots of Light, sound and effect. They danced & sang many song, they’re great. SJ in Sound of Music theme was so cute. And much more fun for Superman, Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe, Chalie Chapplin, Gollum, Hulk Hogan etc.

2nd day seat was very good. We’re closer the standing area and close the catwalk. Because SJ walk and run around catwalk all the time, I can see them clearly. They’re all handsome and smart. Their Thai skill are very good. They can speak long sentence with good pronunciation. They’re clever to select much emotional sentence like “Hua Jai Phom Chuy Rub Wai Noi Krub!” (meaning > Accept my heart [love], please!).
KyuHyun came and waved his hand to fan for long time he smiled to everybody as much as he can. So nice~~. LeeTeuk also came to say thank you by bending his head to fan. Ryeouk & DongHae came and took picture w/ fan!! Other member came and waved their hand also. Ar….. they gave their love backed to ELFs. Envy them (ELFs).!!


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2012.01.25 DongHae for ‘Maxim Color 1 Day’

Event: DongHae present Maxim Color 1 Day

Place: Work & Play Park, Central Plaza Grand Rama 9

DongHae came to Thailand for Maxim contact lens presenter. He had CF shooting at studio next day and had fan meeting “Maxim Colors 1 Day : Donghae’s Dairy” at Scala Theater on 27 Jan. 2012 also.

Some parts of interview is so cute;

พิธีกร : มีคอนเทคเลนส์ 4 สี 4 แบบ ให้เลือกว่าจะให้เมมเบอร์คนไหน

ดงแฮ : สำหรับชาวเอล์ฟนี่ต้องสีน้ำเงินเลยครับ เข้ากันมาก ที่จริงก็สวยทุกสีเลยครับ ว่าจะเอากลับเกาหลีไปฝากเมมเบอร์ด้วยครับ สีฟ้าเอาให้อึนฮยอกครับ สีน้ำตาลเอาให้อีทึกครับ สีเทาเอาให้คยูฮยอนครับ ส่วนสีดำ(แฟนๆตะโกน คิบอม เสียงดังมาก) ฮะๆๆๆ ครับๆ สีดำให้คิบอมครับ ก่อนหน้าที่วันปีใหม่จีนก็ได้เจอคิบอมครับ เค้าก็ฝากบอกคิดถึงมาด้วยนะครับ(กรี๊ด)

MC: There’s 4 types 4 color of Maxim contact lens, please select each type for member.

DongHae: For ELFs should be BLUE one, it would be matched. Actually, it’s good every color. I think I should take them back for (SJ) members also. Blue one for Eunhyuk, Brown one for Leeteuk, Grey one for Kyuhyun, for black one……. (FC shout “Kibum”). Arr… OK Black one for Kibum. Before NY we met him, he told me to send his regard to all of you (screammmm).

He also showed very good skill to say Thai name of lucky one (said follow MC).  So cute & nice. 🙂

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