2014.03.24 Mike D. Angelo “THE FIRST BREAK OUT”

Event: Mike D. Angelo Launch Album Photobook “MIKE D. ANGELO THE FIRST BREAK OUT”
Venue: Central Plaza Grand Rama 9

Mike D. Agelo (Pirat Nitipaisalkul, ไมค์ พิรัชต์ นิธิไพศาลกุล) is Thai pop duo ” Golf-Mike” (consisting of brothers Pichaya “Golf” Nitipaisalkul and Pirat “Mike” Nitipaisalkul, formed under Thailand’s biggest entertainment company, GMM)

Mike Pirath and Aom Sushar were lead actors in TV drama “Full House” Thai version. Mike suits with this role and get very high popularity.

** Teaser – Full House (Thai-Drama Version) **
“Who’s the Actor?”
** Teaser วุ่นนักรักเต็มบ้าน (Full House Thai version) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyAgFtw6os8

“MIKE D. ANGELO THE FIRST BREAK OUT” is special photo book including special mini album with 3 songs; ‘Break You Off Tonight’, ‘Oh Baby I’ and ‘ให้ฉันได้เป็นผู้ชายที่จะรักเธอ’

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2013.06.29 P.O.P. Party of the Bakerian Concert

BMW Millennium Auto Presents P.O.P Party of the BAKERIAN with special guests; Modern Dog, Groove Rider, 2 Days Ago Kids, Dojo City, Radklao Amaradit, Krisada Sukosol Clapp, Onaree and of course Boyd Kosiyapong.
Almost 10 years longing for their concert, no more wait when P.O.P. by Nop Pornchamni, Somkiat Ariyachaipanich, Jerry – Sasis Milintawanich, Tong – Montien Kaewkamnerd and Kor – Natapon Srijomkwan is about to bring you to a concert “BMW Millennium Auto Presents P.O.P Party of The Bakerian” with special surprise from a lot of Bakery artists on Saturday 29 June 2013 at Impact Arena Muangthong Thani.
“This concert is our special event when P.O.P. will sing with our Bakery artists that have never sung together almost 10 years. This is the time to make it happen. All Bakery artists will make you impressed by their own spectacular songs for example for Dojo fans, you will see your idols up on stage with a big surprise, said Somkiat Ariyachaipanich. Furthermore, Two Days Ago Kids will has listed their songs for this concert already. About Onaree, she will appear on stage one and only. To remind the romantic scenes with Radklao and Noi Krisada. I confirm that this concert will make you happy with our songs like never been impressed before”, said Nop Pornchamni.
Source: thaiticketmajor.com

This is one of best concert in first half year 2013 I attend. Most of them are my favorite artists for over 10 years. I’m really happy to see them on same stage again.
Although everybody looks older but they still made me impressed with their great music & great talent. Pod Modern dog still can jump.555
The most powerful voice came from Rudklao as always. Kor turn to be bass for Groove riders in 2nd session. I’m really fun with Burin & GR. Audience loudly sang their love song ‘Yood’ (means ‘stop’) together with them.
Nop & P.O.P. friends look very happy on stage, they sang many love songs. Nop sang and danced together with Pod, MD was so funny but I loved them. 555

Project: BMW Millennium Auto Presents P.O.P Party of the BAKERIAN
Venue: Impact Arena, Muangthong Thani

WIMG_4173 WIMG_4170  WIMG_4175 poster

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Siam Paragon

10-11 April, 2013 @ Parc Paragon

10April : Hyun Bin / Nat-Thew / Burin and The old school all stars / Jetset’er / Modern Dog
11April : Da Endorphine / Thaitanium / AF group

Siam Paragon, Well-known shopping mall in Bangkok celebrated Songkran festival with special event ‘SUMMER BEATS FESTIVAL’. Songkran holiday is Thai new year, so they give special gift to Thai with free concert of many popular singers/bands. More special with Hyunbin joined this festival also. He came to Thailand to have fan meeting on next day.

I was there only April 10 because Burin & Moderndog are my love band. I was there too late to see Hyunbin & Natthew. But I really enjoyed Live show of Burin, Moderndog & Jetset’er, they are great as always. Burin is lead vocal of Groove riders, Popular Disco Funk band in Thailand. Now, each member has individual work. Burin has live show with his group. He still used GR songs in his show. I loved GR songs. Moderndog is Alternative rock band who has many awards. Their live show is always hot & fun.

WDSC_1321 WDSC_1708 WDSC_1507

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2013.04.10 Mak Parin, Promote Wrigley’s Doublemint sugarfree mints

Wrigley launched new flavour of Doublemint sugarfree mints and had special event at Silom road.
Mark (Parin Suparat) หมาก (ปริญ สุภารัตน์) , one of new wave star & very popular star for Thai Series in prime time Thai TV3 Chanel, who is Brand Character for ‘Wrigley’s Doublemint sugarfree mints’ joined this promotion event also.  There’s some interview & had ‘Doublemint’ rally along Silom rd. Although it’s very hot, lots of fan went to see him. This’s my first time to see him too. He’s very cute and nice. ^^

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2013.02.27 Kacha, presenter CP sausage chicken frank

CPF celebrated no.1 market share for Chicken frankfurters sausage with CPF New Product Launch “Chicken frankfurters sausage with chilly” at Silom road on 27 Feb.2013

Kacha AF8 (Nonthanan Anchuleepradit) who was presenter for “Fried Rice Sausage” will be presenter for new product again.

Place: United Tower, Silom Road
Date: 27 February 2013

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2012.12.13 “SCOTCH GIVING CARAVAN” with Mike, Stefan, Aun & Jack AF4

Place: Front of United Bldg., Silom Rd.

To promote “Scotch gift basket” for New Year festival, Scotch industrial (Thailand) launched the event “SCOTCH GIVING CARAVAN” at Silom Rd, downtown of Bangkok. The presenter for this event were 4 stars; Mike – Piratch (พิรัชต์ นิธิไพศาลกุล), Stefan Salamone (สเตฟาน, สันติ วีระบุญชัย), Aun – Rangsit (อ้วน, รังสิต ศิรนานนท์) and Jack – AF4 (แจ็ค, เมธัส ตรีรัตนวารีสิน)

They were on convertible coupe drove along Silom road to give Scotch bird’s nest drink to all fan. Mike & Jack are Singer who turn to be Drama series stars too while Stefan & Aun are Movie & Series Star.

WABC_8364  WABC_8363


Jack – Mike- Stefan – Aun

WABC_8374 WABC_8375  WABC_8390 WABC_8398WABC_8378

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2012.09.05 “Kacha AF8” CPF New Product Launch “Rice Sausage”

คชา AF8 “นนทนันท์ อัญชุลีประดิษฐ์” ได้ไปร่วมในงานเปิดตัวเมนูใหม่ล่าสุดจาก CPF “ไส้กรอกข้าวผัดแหนม ซีพี”
สถานที่ หน้าอาคาร ซีพี ทาวเวอร์ ถ.สีลม

Kacha AF8 (Nonthanan Anchuleepradit) 3rd Place of 2011 Academy fantasy contest joined  CPF New Product Launch “Fried Rice Sausage”
Place: CP Tower, Silom Road
Date: 5 September 2012


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