2015.01.25 Jung YongHwa ‘One Fine Day’ 3rd Fansign Event

Event: Jung YongHwa ‘One Fine Day’ 3rd Fansign Event
Venue: IFC Mall, Yeouido

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2015.01.24 Jung YongHwa ‘One Fine Day’ 2nd Fansign Event

Event: Jung YongHwa ‘One Fine Day’ 2nd Fansign Event
Venue: Kintex, Ilsan

He wore shirt & hat from Music Core recording to Fansign. So cute
He’s so funny today. Laugh & Smile.


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Yonghwa Solo Debut Stage : One Fine Day (어느 멋진 날)

Yonghwa Solo Debut : One Fine Day (어느 멋진 날) released on 20 Jan. 2015.

I attended his 1st week debut stage – Mnet MCountdown, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core & SBS Inkigayo.

22 January 2015 M! COUNTDOWN

I’m so excited with him for 1st stage at M! Countdown but he did well. It had special event for him front of studio, JS & JH came to surprise him too. Boice held this banner to cheer him [It’s about “JungYongHwa’s reality show – JungYongHwa Hologram will broadcast next] . JS&JH came to support him too. We’re so close, lucky us. ^^


M!Countdown 409 (Jan 22, 2015) Jung Yong Hwa Interview [Eng Sub]
Credit : Soompi

YH had debut stage for “One Fine Day (어느 멋진 날)” in black suit ^^ and collaboration stage with Verbal Jint in “원기옥 (Energy)”

정용화(Jung Yong Hwa) – 원기옥(Energy)(With Verbal Jint버벌진트) + 어느 멋진 날(One Fine Day) M! COUNTDOWN 409화
Credit Mnet

23 January 2015 : KBS MUSIC BANK

During que for Music Bank, FnC staff released official blish for YongHwa Solo. It’s quite nice. Now, we have YH blish to hold for cheering up when recording ^^

Today, YH came with white suit for  “One Fine Day (어느 멋진 날)” and  collaboration stage with JJ Lin in “Checkmate”

[HIT] 뮤직뱅크-정용화(Jung Yong Hwa) – Checkmate + 어느 멋진 날.20150123
Credit KBSKpop

24 January 2015 : MBC MUSIC CORE

So sad that’s we did not join special stage with YoonFoHyun. They allowed us to attend only Title song  “One Fine Day (어느 멋진 날)”.

[HOT]JungYongHwa(with.YoonDoHyun)-Cruel Memories,정용화(with.윤도현)-추억은 잔인하게, Show Music core 20150124
Credit : MBC Kpop

[Solo Debut] Jung Yong Hwa – One Fine Day , 정용화 – 어느 멋진 날, Show Music core 20150124
Credit : MBCkpop

25 Janusry 2015 : SBS INKIGAYO

Yonghwa tweet the night before that he will give some special thing. The special thing he gave us was Coffee!! Staff said YH gave his credit card to staff to buy coffee for his fan who que front of SBS building. Thanks! Many thanks! If you used to be there, you will know it’s damn cold when que for Inkigayo! Hot coffee from YH in cold day is much impressive for me.


I like this special stage very much. YH is very cute on stage with YDG. He’s shy! He’s shy when he had step dance with YDG. So cute!

[정용화(With.양동근)] 마일리지(Mileage) @인기가요 Inkigayo 150125
Credit : SBSMusic1

[정용화] 어느 멋진 날 @인기가요 Inkigayo 150125
Credit : SBSMusic1

We got 4 types of YH card for 4 Music show. ^^