2012.03.28-29 Bigbang in Bangkok for ‘Yamaha’

2012.03.28 Bigbang ‘YAMAHA Presents คอนเสิร์ต เทพ’

Place & Time: CentralWorld Plaza, 25 March 2012

Bigbang came to Thailand agian after 2 years for being new presenter of Yamaha.
They had mini live show for VIP who’s waiting for longtime.

They came with new look from new album ‘Alive’. They performed 6 songs; Intro, Alive, Hands up, Bad Boy, Fantastic Baby & ‘Lie’.
T.O.P is very handsome (much more than 2 years ago ~~). He’s very gorgeous by his mint colour hair.
GD is still great as always. Although his new red hair style looks wier. But he’s lovely.
I like Taeyang movement. It’s very powerful.
Daesung with his silver hair is so strange but it make him bright & shine.
Seungri is cute. He speaks english all the times and keep saying I love Thailand/Bangkok. 🙂

This event had 2 stage, one is Thai performance including popular band like Bang-Clash, Paradox, Golf (Golf-Mike), Shinwuth, Slotmachine, Potato & Bodyslam!!!!

Another stage is for Bigbang. It’s free concert but it’s so hard to get entrance wristband but we can get it finally!!


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