My memories of Bluemoon

First World tour ‘CNBLUE BLUEMOON’ already ended, didn’t it? There’s no more schedule for their Worldtour. They took around 9 months for their 1st World tour, started from April 2013 to January 2014. There’re more than 20 lives performance over Asia, Australia, America & Latin America. I used much time for this Worldtour on 2013. Not all but as much as I can. Each lives is much quite different, depend on CNBLUE and Boice.

I didn’t attend any 2014 Worldtour but my sister, AppleRella did. She also had plan to go to USA on January. How lucky she is!! YH was very surprised when saw her at JFK Airport. She said YH was very happy in New York. He smiled and gave autograph to fan many times. JH also smiled and was very friendly. MH had very good English. They were great on stage at Time Square.

Schedule for Worldtour was tight sometimes. But the show must go on, they gave their all energy to every lives. I’m really proud of them that they tried to speak local language to service their fan. ^^

04.06 Taiwan – Date: April 6th – Venue: Taipei Arena (台北小巨蛋)
04.13 Singapore –  Date: April 13th – Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
05.04 Thailand – Date: May 4th – Venue: Impact Arena
05.10-11 Hong Kong –  Date: May 11th&12th  – Venue: Asia World Arena
05.25-26 Korea –  Date: May 25th&26th – Venue: Jamsil Indoor Stadium
05.31 Australia –  Date: June 1st – Venue: Festiv hall, Melbourne
06.01 Australia –  Date: June 1st – Venue: Big Top Sydney
06.15 Phillipines –  Date: June 15th – Venue: Smart Araneta Coliseum
06.29 Beijing  – Date: June 29th – Venue: Bejing Capital Indoor Stadium, China
08.24 Malaysia –  Date: August 24th – Venue: Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur
09.07 Guangzhou – Date: September 7th – Venue: Guangzhou International Sports Arena
09.30 Shanghai – Date: August 31st – Venue: Shanghai Stage (Shanghai Gym)
10.19 Indonesia – Date: October 19th – Venue: Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta
01.21 USA – Date: January 21st  – Venue: Best Buy Theater Times Square, NewYork city
01.24 USA – Date: January 24th  – Venue: Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Los Angeles
01.26 Mexico – Date: January 26th – Venue: Pepsi Center WTC, Mexico city
01.28 Peru –  Date: January 28th – Venue: Costa Verde Magdalena, Lima
01.31 Chile – Date: January 31st – Venue: Movistar Arena, Santiago

My few memories among Bluemoon 2013 Worldtour as below;

#BMSG – YH&JS had step dance for “I’m Sorry” during walking on moon stage. They’re so cute.
#BMSG – YH wore rilakkuma hat. He’s so cute.
#BMSG – JS wore fan cap with word ‘BOY’ (by front side with word ‘BOY’ was at back side). And he said “You’re a girl, I’m a boy!” He turned around to show word ‘BOY’ when he said boy. Damn cuteeee. Ha Ha.
#BMSG – MH’s stage can slide to front. We can see him clearly. When stage was slide back, YH pretended to be magician by pushing drum stage. So cute!
#BMSG – Their Ad-lib song looks like Latin song.

#BMBKK – YH was in dark mode. He had concert without soul, just sing and speak as script. He was a Robot! It makes me cry with deeply sad feeling and ask myself till now “what are we doing wrong?”
#BMBKK – No concert goods for giving to fan. No photo, no tweet to Thai Boice after concert. They also cancelled special song for Thai Boice.
#BMBKK – There’s special project for JH birthday. THBoice hold paper HBD JH during love light. He said WOW! and Thank you.
#BMBKK – YH grabbed dragon hat from my friend and wore it for few minutes.
#BMBKK – MH said he likes Thai food. He mentioned “Moo Satay (Pork Satay) & LodChong (Cendol)”. They are our food support for them at rehearsal night.

#BMMEL – YH spoke English well. YH&JS had Aussie chant with fan. YH said he’s King of dance. He said “Like usher, like Neyo, like Chris brown. I’m the best!”LOL
#BMMEL – Everybody shouted fan chant for  ‘I’m Sorry’. It was impressing.
#BMMEL – YH wore our ‘Melbourne cap’ that my friend gave him at stage. ^^

#BMSYD – Organizer is worse, we missed 4-5 songs because their poor organized. We couldn’t enter the hall on time.
#BMSYD – YH said he’s King of dance again.
#BMSYD – They said about steak but I heard they had only Korean food at Korea town near their Hotel. LOL
#BMSYD – They’re surprised that audience can sing ‘Love Light’ in Korean.  

#BMSYD – YH wore my sneaker I gave him at airport on stage. ^^

#BMPHIL – Had special event for YH Birthday. CNBLUE sang HBD together with Boice for their leader.  There’s MH’s birthday event also.
#BMPHIL – YH was very appreciated with special event for his Birthday, he sang Ad-libs song for PHBoice. He sang “Singapore’ instead of ‘Philippines’!!! Oh! He made a very big mistake. He said sorry manytimes. Poor YongHwa. Please forgive him.
#BMPH – YH had problem with his guitar at “I’m Sorry”. He grabbed microphone to sing and dance. I like this moment.

#BMMAL – First time of ‘Feel good’ on stage. YH had very cute acting with his song. It was so funny with his over-act.
#BMMAL – JH walked along moon stage many times. He’s glow in the dark!!
#BMMAL – YH dance step at the beginning of “Intuition’ was very cute (and funny. LOL)
#BMMAL – YH used his White falcon again. He ran along moonzone with the white falcon! It’s very heavy.
#BMMAL – YH gave flying kiss many many many times.

Sorry, only YH moment I can remember. 😛

Do you have any to add?…….


2013.08.24 Bluemoon in Malaysia

Event: CNBLUE 2013 World Tour Live ‘Bluemoon in Malaysia’
Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur


After 1 month World Tour break, they restarted with ‘Bluemoon in Malaysia’ on 24 Aug. 2013. Boys arrived Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in the evening on 22 Aug.

Lots of Boice waited them at gate, including me. 😛 I don’t understand why somebody tried to attack them, why didn’t they only gave their gift/present. So Security guard was quite hard push to everybody.

By the way, I really thanks to YongHwa. He tried to grab my bag. Finally, he got it

Unt-01 Unt-02 snapshot20130826213204 snapshot20130826213339

photo IMG_6319

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2013.06.15 Bluemoon in Philippines

2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR Live in Manila, Philippines

The 7th step of 2013 CNBLUE World Tour : Bluemoon was Philippines. I made decision to go one week before concert day. I’ve never been there before. Got many help from many PHBoice. Thanks again!!!

14 Jun : Arrived Manila

Boys arrived Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila on June 14 at morning time. My friends took early flight and could meet them at the gate. They said boys looked happy, waved hand & gave fan sign. (Pix cr. TannyBoice & AppleRella)

14Jun-Ninoy-BMsRVWoCAAAPZZl 14Jun-Ninoy-BMsS_nVCYAErAPH 14Jun-Ninoy-BMsVEJOCAAAT1V2  14Jun-Ninoy-936418_551284994909756_625879758_n 14Jun-Ninoy-944413_551284798243109_292967838_n 14Jun-Ninoy-BMsh8A_CMAAp6y-

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2013.06.01 Bluemoon in Sydney

2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR Live in Sydney, Australia

Date : June 1st 07:30 pm
Venue : Big Top Sydney, Sydney

Although they just finished lives show in Melbourne on 31 May, CNBLUE took early flight to Sydney next day to have another lives show. Actually, there was only lives show in Sydney but they add one more lives in Melbourne (Organizer said: “Due to high demand and the success of ticket sales for the Sydney Concert, we have some great news for you all!! CNBLUE has decided to add one more stop on their World Tour and has announced they also want to go to Melbourne!” >> But ticket was still available :P)


1 June : D-Day for Bluemoon in Sydney

CNBLUE took morning flight from Melbourne to Sydney. Few fans came to see them at Airport, they looked sleepy but still waved hand to all.

IMG_2782 IMG_2780

It was terrible moment at Sydney Airport. Same as Melbourne Airport, anyone can enter Domestic Sydney Airport. So lots of fan waited them at Plane gate! Security system was quite poor. Many AussiBoice attacked them. It’s crazy!! I don’t like it!!

Blue boys left Airport and directly went to concert venue. I’ve known later that they have closed Press conference. And they had rehearsal later.

IMG_2857 photo6

[If you need only CNBLUE fan-act, you can skip these 2 paragraphs. It’s my complaint about unprofessional organizer]

Big Top Sydney is in Lunar Park, Amusement Park. They have nice view of Opera house & Habour Bridge. Unlucky, weather is poor on that day. It’s raining and windy. JK entertainment was still poor. I mean they’re suck!! Everybody must queue outside the hall in same line. Lots of fan queued for over 5 hrs in wet & cold. Door open time was late, too much late. The first audience entered hall after 7PM. Queue was so slow by their poor management. I didn’t not understand why did they manage one queue line for every zone?. We had to enter one by one. After 7:30, I saw from twitter that concert already started. That’s shit! How come the concert has started while thousands of audience are still outside the hall!!! JK staffs are suck too! When I told them they said “yes, already started!” They didn’t care, didn’t take any responsibility. They said “It’s just a show!!” Yes, it’s just a show that we used lots of money for Air ticket, Hotel, Concert ticket etc. We used our big amount for your country! JK, you are shit!
Finally, we entered the hall at “Coffee shop” song. We missed 4 songs already!! We paid full but we got less than we paid. I’ve heard that someone entered after 6 songs!!! JK staff said “You come late!!” It’s not true, everybody followed your words. Everybody queued as you told. But you are unprofessional, you didn’t know how long to take all those 2000 people to the hall in time. But you said it’s our fault. JK entertainment, you are unprofessional company as I’ve ever met.

CNBLUE rocked the hall with “Coffee shop” but I’m still angry. Poor me! Anyway, cute YH can make me happy finally. We’re in VVIP zone but we could not be the front line. So I chose to stand at back. It still closed enough to see them. Yonghwa danced all the time. He’s crazier than yesterday.

photo5 photo7 BLq8A0uCcAIiPPW BLqxBblCQAIZmrO

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2013.05.31 Bluemoon in Melbourne

2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR Live in Melbourne, Australia

Date : May 31th 07:30 pm
Venue : Festival Hall, Melbourne 

My big  trip in Australia!

I once went to Australia (Melbourne) last year, I got 1 year visa. Because I already had visa, so I made decision to join Bluemoon World Tour in Australia. The ticket still can purchase online both Melbourne & Sydney except VVIP. I got information that hall is so small. So, it’s OK for me.


30 May: Sydney > Melbourne

My flight from Thailand delayed 2 Hrs. I though we gonna missed Blue Boys Domestic flight (Syd to Mel). But luck was on our side!! We can get the flight we booked and it was same flight with CNBLUE. We waited them front of our gate. I wondered many people who’s not passenger can enter to the corridor till gate!!! When boys came down from VIP lounge many fans followed them. YH with blue shirt was so cute. I gave birthday gift to him before he entered the gate. He bowed his head and say thank you (while he grabbed my bag, he took a glance at the bag because it’s Etude pink bag  😛 ). They walked quite fast to gate, JS’s last one. We boarded after them.

IMG_2542 IMG_2541

We arrived Melbourne in 2.5 Hrs. CNBLUE left Airport before we reached the luggage claim belt. I saw many happy faces around the hall. Many Aussi Boice waited them and absolutely found them. I’m happy with them too.

We found them again at late afternoon, they walked from Hotel to restaurant nearby. YH changed his dress to be short pants because it’s raining. So cute ^^ I’ve heard they walked by Yara river in the evening also. Some lucky fan found them.

IMG_2603 IMG_2598

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2013.05.04 Bluemoon in Bangkok


Venue: Impact Arena Muangthong Thani

Long time no see!!, CNBLUE came to Thailand for Bluestorm in BKK on February last year. It’s over 1 years already.

THBoice really miss them…..

But…something… It made me sad….I hope it will not happen in other place from now. Sad with them, sad with us……

This is the first time I cried during the rock concert.

2 May 2013 : Arrival
CNBLUE arrived Suvarnabhumi Airport and left the airport via VIP gate. Many boices wait outside for hour and hour. Only somebody who took flight from Korea with them can see them. [Photo credit: Tanny]


3 May 2013 : Event
First event, they came to popular early morning news program ‘Rueng Lao Chao Nee’ at ThaiTV Chanel 3. They had short interview and concert promote around 20 mins. Boice can wait outside the building and can see them walk in and out. I felt JH & JS in charge of leader. Let’s see the clip. [Photo credit: RuengLaoChaoNee]

BJUC7CcCEAEc5cf 935471_586762351357291_83548668_n

Second event, they went to press interview at conference room in Hotel. They look happier. [Photo credit on pic]

945660_587897177910475_510176277_n 524760_587897147910478_148767536_n 524614_587896011243925_111450399_n 393065_587897034577156_1446342540_n
575431_587897011243825_1196917273_n 482640_587896837910509_852568985_n

Last event, CNBLUE had public press conference at Siam Discovery event park. They look tired. There’s some interview and show Thai word as always. JS was most happy, JH also. MH smiled and waved to fan while YH still kept calm. There’s auction event before CNBLUE came. Blue boys prepared self design bracelets for auction. The money will donate to charity.

WDSC_2692 WJKS_9455 WJKS_9483 WDSC_2783 WDSC_2727 WDSC_2723 WDSC_2772  WDSC_2790

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2013.04.13 Bluemoon in Singapore


Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Singapore is 2nd country for ‘2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR ‘.
I went there on late 12th Apr. while my friends arrived on 11th (same day with blue boys). Many SGBoice waited for them at Airport. My friends told me Boys looked very happy, they took many gifts from fans and waved hand along the way. (Photo: Cr. TannyBoice & Kukkik)

11Apr-BHkaxaJCUAA0LxI 11Apr-BHkccevCUAA4sjN 11Apr-BHkcTVoCQAAc4w1 11Apr-BHkez_BCMAAr1R6

On 12th morning, Jungshin had breakfast at hotel restaurant alone. CNBLUE left hotel to practice in evening.

On 13th morning, Jungshin still had breakfast alone. I was there too. I was at juice dispenser counter while he walked with camcorder in his hand. He walked and recorded since enter the restaurant, walked pass my back. He’s bright and very tall (for sure… ha ha). He had lots of breakfast, took buffet 3-4 rounds. He’s still growing up!! He accidentally bumped my friend, he said “I’m sorry… I’m sorry” (kkk… like he had rehearsal) CNBLUE left hotel to concert venue for rehearsal in early afternoon.

I was at Singapore Indoor Stadium at late afternoon but it’s still hot. It’s too hot to queue. Anyway, I queued for official goods and bought only shirt & brochure. I think official goods price is increased, it’s quite expensive (compare with last year). There’s only one banner to take photo, no flower wreath, no other promote stuff around hall.

IMG_0609-1 IMG_0610 IMG_0611 IMG_1083 IMG_0563 IMG_0593

Concert hall was not quite big, I like it. Concert’s concept changed a lot, much more graphic design on screen, light & sound and many effects were added (compare with previous live/concert). Moon stage around Moon zone is for Yonghwa because only YH used this stage. He ran to the end of stage and stop to singing there for many songs. I felt sad with YH fan who took highest price in moon zoon and one who took high price on each side, they pay much but see YH backside nearly half of concert. Anyway, Jungshin sometimes used this side stage to join YH too. Jonghyun kept his position because of guitar power cord. Minhyuk stage can move front to bring his lovely smile to fan, I like it.


IMG_1035 IMG_1044 IMG_0682-1 IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1041 IMG_1045 IMG_1042 IMG_1043 IMG_1053 IMG_0856-1

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