2012.02.25 BlueStorm in Bangkok (1st full concert in Thailand)

25 February, the important day of ThaiBoice.
CNBLUE has 1st full concert in Thailand after 2 years. I waited this day for long time. I’m outside the hall the night before to listen their rehearsal. I heard their que check and some rehearsal. It’s very exciting for me.

Saturday 25 Feb. is very very hot day. I’m queing since 8:00 in the morning. It will take 10 Hrs waiting. We take that period to reunite old friends & boice. I met many friends from many fanclub web. (we help to manage our project stuff also.) I also met many InterBoice. Nice to meet you all.


Concert start 6PM sharply because of their tight schedule. They sing 23 songs during 2Hrs.
My location is quite good, it’s front & center enough to see YH. I can see him clearly. YH made me crazy the whole 2 hrs. He spread their charisma to all Boice every minute. JS also attacked me by his smile & rock style. I seldom saw JH & MH. So sorry T__T.

As I know this concert will be much more light & sound & effect than other Asia tour. It’s confirmed when started. But I think sound system was not quite good enough. Too much echo, I can’t hear all conversation.

Compare with BS in Seoul & Hongkong, I really love BS in BKK most. I can sing & jump as much as I want. And I think YH much improve after many tour concerts. He knows how to make everybody crazy. His voice in “Where you are” & “In my head” was very sexy. He controls the stage and all audiences during 2Hrs easily. JH voice was so sweet as usual. I think he’s a little bit sick so he kept his station. JS was also great. He joined his leader to bang his head all the time. I like it!! I can’t give any comment about MH because he also stayed at station only. But his drum skill in “Kimio” was great as always.

My good impression for BS in BKK is our “Ta-Chuk-Ja!!! mY sTar ProjEct”. We work hard for this project. YH see it and said “Light to Audience please”. After he saw our “Ta-Chuk-Ja”, he said “Wow!” and shouted “TaChukJa!” I think he can understand what we want to communicate with him & CNBLUE. I almost cried. ~~

It’s very difficult for me to express my feeling in English because my English is not good enough. If you can understand Thai you can check my FA in Thai here > เรื่องเล่าคราวพายุสีฟ้าบุกไทย [CNBLUE – BlueStorm in Bangkok]


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