2014.05.04 est Presents 2014 CNBLUE LIVE – Can’t Stop in BANGKOK

Event: est Presents 2014 CNBLUE LIVE – Can’t Stop in BANGKOK
Venue: Impact Arena, Muangthong Thani

After my past year suffering, I went with highly expectation! My dream come true! “Can’t Stop in Bangkok” is greatest live performance of CNBLUE in Thailand I’ve ever joined. Although I don’t quite like the set list & script (as I felt with ‘Can’t Stop in Seoul’).

The “2014 CNBLUE Live – Can’t Stop in Bangkok” took place at the same venue and on the same date as last year’s “2013 Bluemoon World Tour Live in Bangkok”. Thailand was chosen as the 1st country for new Live tour after the kick-off in Seoul on April 19 and 20.


There’s not much activity front of concert hall because it’s still during the mourning over Sewol Ferry Disaster. Only some banner from sponsor & fanclub were there.

WIMG_7129 WIMG_7130

I accepted I focused at Yonghwa 90%. 4 handsome guys outed by left gate and walked along the walkway to center of the stage & stepped up the stage . They walked pass me closely. Yonghwa started with symbolic sentence “God bless you!”. They heated up the hall since 1st song ‘Time is over’ and continued with many their popular song.

WIMG_7156 WIMG_7160 WIMG_7161 WIMG_7171 W20140522002846 W20140522003019 W20140522003401 W20140522003434 W20140522004346 W20140522004426 W20140522004517 W20140522004657 WIMG_7186 WIMG_7187 WIMG_7188 W20140522002925 W20140522005109

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2014.05.03 CNBLUE “Can’t Stop in Bangkok” Press Conference

Event: CNBLUE “Can’t Stop in Bangkok” Press Conference
Venue: 8th Fl. Central World Live Room, Central World

Because the tragedy in Korea, Press Conference was changed from public to be closed. The venue was changed from outside to be 8th Floor.

They all spoke many Thai sentences Ex. Kob Kun Krub (Thank you), Narak Jung Loei (Very cute). Especially, YongHwa said many Thai – “Rak Na jub jub (Love you – with kiss sound ^^)” “Fan Thai Narak Jung Loei (Thai Fan is very cute)”. Minhyuk still said about Thai food same as last year. He mentioned Padthai, PooPadPongKaree (Crab in Curry sauce). Jungshin also said he liked Thai food. While Jonghyun said about fitness. Yonghwa kept leader image by saying with formal. He gave many times ‘Thank you’ word to fanclub & press. MC asked about work except new single of CNBLUE, YH said he will have solo work within this year. He teased fan if they will support his solo work, why screaming was so not loud. The atmosphere was much different from last year.

I attended the event in fan zone. Unfortunately, fanclub was not allowed to bring camera or any mobile phone to the event room. So I didn’t have any photo. T__T

WIMG_7054 IMG_7079 Press-Bns6HcaCUAAMwRs


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2014.05.02 CNBLUE Arrived Bangkok

CNBLUE came back to Thailand again for new Live tour “Can’t Stop in Bangkok”. It’s exactly a year since their last performance in Bangkok “2013 World Tour | Bluemoon in Bangkok”.

CNBLUE arrived Suvarnabhumi Airport at late afternoon on 2 May 2014. Lots of THBoice waited them outside the terminal. It was excited to meet them in Bangkok after one year. Jungshin was the first one who came out the gate. He waved hand to fan then MinHyuak and YongHwa. JongHyun was the last but he was stopped by Security guard!

WIMG_5574 WIMG_5577 WIMG_5580 WIMG_5585 WIMG_5588

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2014.04.19-20 2014 CNBLUE LIVE ‘Can’t Stop’ in Seoul

Event: 2014.04.19-20 2014 CNBLUE LIVE ‘Can’t Stop’ in Seoul
Venue: Jamsil Stadium

We had silent concert due to respect to the victims of the recent tragedy, the sinking of the ‘SEWOL’ ferry past month. I still went to Korea because every booking had already paid. If concert would be canceled or postponed I could accept. Lucky me, it was proceeding due to many big effect to cancel or postpone in sudden period. So, there was not any decorative at venue. Only big board was hung at hall.

CNBLUE came out to had some respective speech for this tragedy. It was very difficult for them to proceed the live tour but the show must go on. The show was great! Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Jungshin and Minhyuk were  professional. Show was really appreciate.

We, Boice, were agree not to release anything about concert. We didn’t want CNBLUE to get any pressure. Thanks to Boice.

Over a month after the sinking of the Sewol ferry, divers are still trying to find the bodies of missing people. Pray for Korea.

By the way, I didn’t take any photo or clip for this concert. Some pic came from my friend as credit.


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2014.03.09 “Can’t Stop” Fansign Event at Myeongdong

Event: “Can’t Stop” Fansign Event
Venue: Seoul Royal Hotel, Myeongdong

I’m always lucky with Myeongdong fansign (it’s same location with ‘Present fansign’ last year). This time was much more lucky because I got 2nd row and center seat. By the way, YH looked tired. Only JS was so funny during event, he made funny acting and joking.

WDSC_8790 WIMG_5192 WWIMG_3155 WIMG_3149 WIMG_3147 WIMG_3157

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2014.03.08 “Can’t Stop” Fansign Event at Sinchon U Flex

Event: “Can’t Stop” Fansign Event 
Venue: 12th floor, the Jade Hall Sinchon U Flex

This’s 4th fansign event for 5th mini album “Can’t Stop” of CNBLUE. I failed lucky draw for this fansign. It’s poor that only 3 THBoice were lucky. Most of lucky Boice was Japanese. Anyway, my sister was one of 3 lucky THBoice. \*O*/ She’s very lucky girl. ^^

WIMG_3037 WIMG_3041 

WIMG_5154 8Mar-FS-842644784 8Mar-FS-842649717 8Mar-FS-842650633

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