2016.02.13 2016 CNBLUE Live “Come together” in Singapore

Event: 2016 CNBLUE Live “Come together” in Singapore
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

WIMG_20160213_152819 WIMG_20160213_153207

It’s lovely that they had concert the day before Valentine’s day.

The boys greeted fans with 新年快乐( happy new year) as it was Chinese New Year season in Singapore. Minhyuk was trying to speak in Hokkien dialect ’sure bo’ (“Are you sure?”)

Jungshin said 恭喜发财 and wanted red packet from fans and told them that he went to buy a ring at Orchard.

Source: koreanupdate.com

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2016.01.16 2016 CNBLUE Live “Come Together” in Bangkok

Event: 2016 CNBLUE Live “Come Together in Bangkok”
Venue: Impact Arena, Muangthong Thani


CNBLUE held big concert in Bangkok again, 4th time of them in Impact Areana hall. It was 1st Come2gether Asia Tour of year 2016 after staring tour since last year with 3 show in 3 country; Shanghai-China, Korea & Hongkong . I was at end of extended stage, I can see only YongHwa clearly. JH&JS seldom came here, not like other country that they came to have long jam session. I realize YH love to dance more than play guitar, maybe it’s side effect form One Fine Day concert. Ha Ha…

Domino, 숨바꼭질(Hide and Seek),  I’m a loner, Can’t stop, Footsteps, Love, Roller Coaster, Coffee shop, I’m sorry, Lady, Hero, Irony, Stay Sober, Realize, Holiday, Catch Me, 신데렐라 (Cinderella), Radio
Try again,smile again, 사랑 빛(Love Light) , Hold My Hand


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2015.10.24〜25 : 2015 CNBLUE Live ‘Come Together’ in Seoul

Event: 2015 CNBLUE Live ‘Come Together’ in Seoul
Venue: Jamsil Indoor Stadium


CNBLUE started their new live tour for new album “2gether” at Shanghai on Oct., 2. 2nd station was live concert in Seoul. Venue was Jamsil Indoor Stadium, same place with Can’t stop live last year.

WIMG_6049 WIMG_6045

WIMG_6051 WIMG_6102



WIMG_6067 WIMG_6068

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