2014.03.29 FTHX in BKK

Venue: Bitec Bangna (Hall 106)

I decided to join the concert in last minute. And I’m very glad to do. The concert was great as I expected!!!

They’re all in relaxing style. JongHoon with short pants!! I like their style, not uniform. Hongki was great performer. His voice was great! He sang and danced and ran around the stage. He said “everything is good except the stage doesn’t have runway to be closer with their fan”.

Hongki had many funny moment. When he saw the project of Blue FT & Red Heart ❤️at seating stand, he said “So beautiful, Fucking beautiful!!” < http://instagram.com/p/mIhPrpHPp1/ > I can touch that he loves his fanclub very much. He expressed his appreciation for every special project we did. Primadonna had many projects for them. Hongki said he saw many special projects and asked “how long have you prepared for those many projects for us?”

Jaejin was very fun on stage as always. SeungHyun & JongHoon was great guitarist. MinHwan kept quiet but when he said something fanclub scream so loud!!  < http://instagram.com/p/mISlTAnPtl/ >

Hongki said “I’m a pig” and pulled his shirt to show his tummy. But he found his zipper was opened!! LOL!

Everybody can speak Thai but I didn’t understand what they said!! LOL < http://instagram.com/p/mIiE84HPra/ >

Primadonna prepared birthday cake for JH late birthday. We sang HBD song together. It’s so impressive for him.

I can say this is my most impressive concert of 1st quarter in year 2014.

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2014.03.27 FTISLAND at Suvarnabhumi Airport

FTISLAND arrived Bangkok on afternoon 27th March for “2014 FTISLAND 6th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT (FTHX) LIVE IN BANGKOK”.

Lots of Primadonna waited them around arrival gate. Hongki was the first one outed, he took video fanclub with his smartphone. He turned around 360° while recording, he uploaded instagram later. How lovely he is. Jaejin waved hand along the way (Like Miss Friendship. LOL). Other 3 members just walked calmly.

WIMG_4726 WIMG_4729 WIMG_4734

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After Blustorm in Bangkok concert of CNBlue, Feoh presented Play! FTIsland concert also. It has been over 4 years from last FT concert in Thailand. So Thai Primadonna was very excite. Although I’m not Primadonna but I’m excite too. I’m excite to see their live show.

7 June 2012
Guys came on Thursday night. I went there too but I didn’t get any good location. They came almost same time I arrived. They walked very fast (like CNBlue!!!). I saw only Hongki & Jaejin because Hongki turned his head to see FC left and right. While Jaejin waved his hands along the way. I saw 1 guy with mask which I know later > he’s SuengHyun. After I check my photo, I’ve known JongHoon was the first guy. I known when I saw his muscle in sleevless shirt!


All left airport to hotel (same hotel w/ CNBlue). Some of my friends waited there. They said FT boys are cute and friendly. Waved their hand to FC and walked slowly to elevator. Envy them!

8 June 2012
I joined Autograph session in afternoon at ‘Playhouse’ 8F, Central World. 200 lucky fans attended this event. The event was not quit good. No MC, only staff and security guard. When FT boys outed, only SuengHyun grabbed mic to say something in short Thai sentence. That’s all!!! After that, staff told us to que and walk to stage to get autograph. I prepared something to show JongHun. kkk.

When I steped front of him I showed paper with “종훈, 근육좀보여주세요” and said “Tomorrow in concert la.” kkk. When he saw he said Oh! and smiled. Finally he nodded his head and said OK!. He signed for me and had a shy smile all the times. My friend behind me tried to ask him to give promise to show his muscle tomorrow by saying “JoongHoon, tomorrow show us in concert, OK?” He smiled and said “No no!!” She tried to teased him “Why? Pleaseeeee” I think he’s shy so much. It’s surprised me! I’ve never known he’s a shy boy. So cute.^^
(He did not wear sleeveless shirt to show his muscle in concert. T__T But the night before, after fan sign event, he tweet ‘Goodnight’ in Thai (ราตรีสวัสดิ์). I noticed he change his DP to be sexy guitarist in sleeveless pix. kkk. So sexy JH!!)

Next, Hongki said Sawad dee krub and signed for me. I pointed to his yellow paint nail and said “So cute” he said “Yes” and shook hand with me. MinHwan, Jaejin & SeungHyun were all cute Jaejin said Anyong! and gave me sweet smile. 🙂


Organizer should release some photo of this event. But I can’t give any expectation with that organizer!

FT boys had press conference at Square A park front of central world at the evening. I came down to wait them with my heart fulled of happiness. FTIsland was on stage after 1 hour. Primadonna screamed loudly. There’s yellow flag & paper whole area. It’s great. Boys are so funny. Everybody tried to speak Thai. It’s very funny
SuengHyun: ไม่เจอกันนานนะครับ (Long time, no see)
JaeJin: เจอกันพรุ่งนี้ (See you tomorrow)
MinHwan: รักนะ จุ๊บ จุ๊บ (Love you ~ with kiss sound – Jub Jub) It’s so cuteeeeeeeee
HongKi: มาเล่นกันเถอะ (Let’s play together)
JongHoon: คุณสวยมาก (You are very beautiful) YongHwa always say this in Thailand, I wonder if he learned from YongHwa? ㅋㅋㅋ

When MC asked them “What do they think when we say Thailand?” SuengHyun said “Coconut tree”!! (Why???? Bob)
HongKi said “TomYamKung” While MinHwan said “PooPadPongKaree” (Both is Thai food, are they hungry? –“)
JaeJin said “Thai massage” (All Korean star crazy Thai massage)
JongHoon said he thinks about Thai word which MinHwan always say “Rak na Jub Jub”

JongHoon said “He used to join water festival in Thailand one time (Songkran festival). He like it” (I want to play with you too, but Songkran festival is in April. It’s June already)
HongKi said He want to have a freesyle concert like in Europe or America which the audience can have beer during the concert! WoW!!! I love his idea. And he siad “Tomorrow in concert, please take water gun to play water fight in concert” Ha ha ha. Other members said they can not be fired by water because they have electric musical instrument. But you (fanclub) can fire HongKi. LOL So HongKi said he also have in-ear.



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