Venue: SCG Stadium, MuangThong Thani

PSY went to Thailand to have a free mini live for Thai Fan on LayKraTong Day, 28 Nov. 2012.

I heard he catch a cold the day before but he still came here on schedule. How professional he is! His flight schedule postponed from 27 night to be 28 Morning. When he arrived, he started his schedule immediately. He had press conference at Parc Paragon and then went to give a loyal greeting for our be-loved King. Next, he went to see Royal charity event and then went to concert venue. Oh! tough schedule for sick guy.

Before PSY show, there’s 2-3 show from Thai Artist. The last show is Joey Boy, very popular Hip Hop singer in Thailand. I like him & group very much. His show always fun and great. 🙂

PSY started his live show by introducing himself “I’m PSY from Korea” It’s cute! ^^ He has very great English skill. He communicated with audience directly with English! Lovely! It’s make me much fun because I can understand what he want us to do. He said please stand up (for seating) and jump and sing and clap your hand. LOL He’s bossy…. He’s a funny guy too. He said “I think you know my song only 1 song (audience laugh, he laugh too) but it’s OK. I understand. So, I’ll tell you I’m a singer for over 12 years, I already have 5 album. So, I will sing other song for you tonight.” ha ha ha…. So, he showed 4 songs totally: Champion, Right now, Paradise and Gangnum style. Encore with Gangnum style again after he went out to LoyKraTong with MC & Organizer.

Although he sick but he show his great talent by singing and dancing. He’s also very good entertainer. I love him ^^ If he have live show (or concert) in Thailand again I will go!

PS. LoyKratong is Thai festival in full moon night on November. We will make a flower KraTong and float it in the river to respect the River.


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